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Gunnar – Enigma Gaming Eyewear – Onyx bestbuyerreviews | Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with these GUNNAR Enigma computer glasses. Their wide-format lenses offer an unobstructed field of view, and their rigid high-tensile steel frame prevents lens flexing to maintain quality optics over time. These GUNNAR Enigma computer glasses have a curved nose rest to evenly distribute weight for comfortable wear.


Polycarbonate frame
Engineering-grade frame polymers provide dimensional stability and long-term durability.

Rigid lens mounting area
Prevents optics from degrading through lens flexing.

Silicone hard-coated lens
Protected from scratching, blocks harmful blue light and 100% of UV light.

Curved nose rests
Provide even weight distribution and eliminate pressure points.

Three-barrel hinge design and high-tensile steel construction
Create incredible durability.


I will start with my ‘conclusion’ because I am not a patient person myself and the bottom line is I would recommend these glasses. These blue light blocking, “gaming” glasses do relieve symptoms of extended exposure to digital output devices.

Now I will briefly cover some details for context. Like many, I work on a computer and I seem to be susceptible to contrasting light intensities and ‘glare’ (for lack of a better description) which cause headaches and eye discomfort. These glasses provide a clear environment while softening glare and almost completely eliminating the the effect that the difference in light intensities, between my screens and the large row of windows in the background, have had on my eyes. There is no magnification, which is good since I don’t need it. According to articles I have read, staring at a static object that is at a relatively close distance for long periods is why individuals experience eye strain, rather than constant exposure to blue light emission in which case glasses can only do so much. With that being said, I have had a good experience with wearing these. The glasses are light weight and don’t look bad at all either. I am not one to wear sunglasses for long periods so i can’t say there has been a time where I forgot I had them on, but they had a significantly positive impact and have never been bothersome to wear.

Three observations that may be viewed as negatives (and some may find helpful):
– The overall size of the lenses and the frame seems large to me
– There is no padding on the bridge of the frame so the frame sits directly on the bridge of the nose, which is not uncomfortable by any means.
– I have noticed that I pick up a small shine or glare on the inside of each of the lenses, towards the bottom (that ironically appears blue in color) that is almost holographic. This is not a constant issue but I have experienced it.


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