best Chromecast with Google TV – 4K – Snow

Chromecasts have long been something I’ve ignored because I don’t like the idea of having to use my phone to cast to my TV for everything I watch. However, when Google announced their “Chromecast with Google TV” I was very intrigued at the mix of a streaming device with the ability to Chromecast. So far, I am quite happy with my purchase!

Chromecast with Google TV - 4K - Snow
Chromecast with Google TV – 4K – Snow

– Unboxing and first impressions are always great with Google Products. They have a great way of making the unboxing process simple while providing a product that’s uniquely Google.
– I really go like the feel and look of the Chromecast and Remote. They are modern yet simple and feel very good in the hand, not too cheap at all.
– Set-up was mainly simply but had a few hiccups. Google says you can use the “Google Home” app to do all your setup for you but I have largely found that the Google Home can be the most useful app I have while also being the most frustrating when setting up a new product.
– I eventually ditched using the Google Home app and did the setup just via the remote and that was very simple and straight forward. After a little bit to download new firmware updates and download all my apps, I was ready to go!

– I really like the interface! It’s smooth, easy to maneuver, and when in doubt just ask Google where something is.
– Speaking of which, the Google Assistant button is a fantastic addition. Use it for asking everyday questions or use it to find “movies that won Oscars in the 2000’s” really whatever you need it to do!
– The device uses your app subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+…) to recommend TV and Movies you might want to watch. I really like how it does not push you to watch something you have no interest in or don’t even have a subscription too. The whole add-less vibe feels nonintrusive and makes for a more personal experience.
– If you have YouTube TV, this Chromecast is a must have! Google TV integrates Live TV right into the menu so you can quickly browse what’s on air right now without having to open the YouTube TV app. I really like that because it makes the home menu screen your go to place to find anything you subscribe too.
– The “Chromecast” feature of this Google TV device is also very easy to use! It syncs up with your Google Home Devices or phones so that if you are watching a video or streaming Spotify, you can just quickly cast it to your TV with the touch of a button. Or, simply say “Hey Google, play Netflix on my TV” and it can do that too without you even touching the remote.
– Watching shows & movies on here is truly a great experience too! The 4K HDR is vibrant and crisp, it has Dolby Vision for movies/TV that it applies to, and Dolby Atmos for superior home theater sound quality. All three of those qualities are an absolute must for the best home theater experience and you are getting them all for only $50.

– The one app that I wish this had is “Apple TV”. I know Google/Apple don’t usually get along, but I do with the Apple TV app was on here for those who want to stream “Apple TV+”
– This isn’t a con for me but although you don’t need Google services (Like Google Smart Speakers, Android Phone, & YouTube TV) to enjoy this Chromecast, I would imagine that your experience would not be as great as mine without all those devices/services.
– I think the “Library” section of the Home page is really lacking on 2 parts. First, if you have a large library of movies you digitally own, they will show in your library but its in one long scrollable line. Rather then a sortable area where you can view 20 movies at a time, its really just a long single line list where you can see 5 at a time. Second, Google TV is trying to push its “Watchlist” feature where from an Android phone you can easily add a Show/Movie to your watchlist and it will appear on your Google TV. But at the time of writing this, the Google TV app is not available on Android phones yet and hasn’t even been announced on Apple phones yet.

– If you are looking for a simple, easy to use streaming device but has all the high end specs you would want at a low price, the Chromecast with Google TV is an absolute no brainer. It is simple to use, has a great interface, and has all features you would want from a higher end streaming device (4K HDR, Dolby Vision/Atmos, Voice Commands). I really think Google TV is going to be a great solution for many home’s entertainment needs!



Chromecast with Google TV – 4K – Snow for $49.99

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